The Bioforce Institute, the Bond network, the CHS-Alliance, the Cornerstone foundation, Groupe URD, IECAH, INTRAC, Mango and RedR UK meet regularly to share experiences and move forward together on common issues related to training in the humanitarian and development sector. In connection with this, a workshop open to external guests who are interested in the subjects discussed is organised once a year.

The next workshop will take place in London on 18 April and will focus on the challenges of building the capacity of local training organisations (How can we work more effectively with our local partners? How can we help them in their development? Etc.).

The workshop, which is by invitation only, will be preceded by a one-hour webinar on 5 April to discuss the subject with local organisations in the field who are unable to attend the workshop. If you are in the field and interested in these issues, please take part in the webinar to share your experiences:

To take part, click on the link at 09.30 (French time) to test your connection, before the webinar, which will take place from 10.30 to 11.30 (French time).