As a result of this merger, the Sigmah brand is due to disappear completely in 2019.

After publishing the Sigmah evaluation report in 2017, Groupe URD, with the financial support of the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, decided to carry out a knowledge-building study in order to share this experience with the widest possible audience.

In accordance with the principles of open innovation that have always guided the Sigmah project, Groupe URD is therefore pleased to conclude this long adventure with the publication of the following article, which gives both a short retrospective of our experience – from Sigmah’s launch to today’s merger – and our insight into the main lessons that these last ten years have taught us.

Sigmah is therefore closing its doors, but its achievements and dynamics will henceforth contribute to TolaData’s rapidly expanding adventure. The quest to build open-source software for centralised project management continues!