The members of the Network (International Committee of the Red Cross, the French Red Cross, Handicap International, Groupe URD, Médecins du Monde (France), Médecins sans Frontières (France), OXFAM Quebec, OXFAM UK, PU-AMI, Solidarités International, Triangle Génération humanitaire) will be discussing specific subjects such as the durability and cost of solar installations and the recycling of batteries. The GRET (a development NGO) and Electriciens Sans Frontieres, two organisations who have been using solar energy for a number of years, will contribute to the discussions with their expert knowledge in this area.

Groupe URD followed the debates that took place at Le Bourget closely and took part in a number of events, including a conference on the links between DRR and Climate Change that was held on 5 January (Action Day) with members of the French DRR network and Coordination Sud.
The Paris Agreement, to which 195 countries are committed, marks a turning point due to its objective (containing the increase in the average temperature on the planet to below 2°C by 2100), the mobilisation of private and financial players and the countries with the highest emissions, as well as the financial mechanisms that are planned for adaptation and mitigation. But the main step forward is the adoption of an approach that focuses on solutions rather than being defeatist.

Contact: Samantha Brangeon