Did you know?

A group of 12 French NGOs are contributing to the development of open source information management software for international aid projects called Sigmah. This project has gone through a number of phases since 2008, bringing together know-how of different kinds and establishing a community of designers, translators, users, etc.

A short visual introduction…

Find out about Sigmah in 1½ minutes by watching a new animated film by Concept Image! One click for a clear and concise explanation of what Sigmah allows you to do, its special features, and the project behind the software… Feel free to use it and share it! Available in French and English…


Sigmah in a nutshell par sigmah

Interested? Come and attend the introductory day!

On 1st December, a one-day course entitled, “An Introduction to Sigmah Software. Information Management and Quality in International Aid Organisations” will take place in Paris, organised by Groupe URD and Coordination SUD.

The course will include a presentation of the initiative and a hands-on introduction to the software. Participants will learn about the concrete benefits of using the software, the issues involved in adopting it within an institution as part of a quality approach, and the collective process behind the software.

More information about the course content and how to register: http://www.coordinationsud.org/formation/initiation-au-logiciel-sigmah/

For any other information, please contact: formation@coordinationsud.org