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Participation in the National Convention on host policies and migration

Groupe URD will be taking part in the workshop, “Between the legality and the legitimacy of taking action: how can we fulfil our collective responsibilities?” in Grande-Synthe (Pas-de-Calais) on 1st March 2018 during the National Convention on host policies and migration. The aim of this two-day event will be to collectively establish a host policy that is based on solidarity and respect for human rights. It will also question the role of the public authorities in a context where European borders are being increasingly secured and closed.

Groupe URD has been invited to share the lessons from our recent study and the related report, “What room for manoeuvre is there for aid organisations in France today to assist migrants?”.

Many associations and NGOs who deal with this issue on a daily basis will be taking part in this event, as well as a number of personalities: Anne Hidalgo (Mayor of Paris), Benjamin Stora (Historian, Professor and President of the Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration), Edwy Plenel (Médiapart), Eric Piolle (Mayor of Grenoble), Frederic Leturque (Mayor of Arras), Pierre Laurent (National Secretary of the French Communist Party), Benoit Hamon, Aurélien Taché (LREM), Michel Agier (Director of Studies at EHESS), Rony Brauman (co-founder of MSF), Cédric Herrou, as well as representatives of the HCR, Cimade, MDM and local associations…

In parallel to the Convention, which is open to all, there will also be a variety of cultural events: exhibitions, humour, concerts, documentaries…

For more information: http://convention-accueil-grande-synthe.fr/

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