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Publication of a case study report on the integrity of the response to the Ebola crisis in Guinea

Key word: Western Africa /

The report, “Collective Commitment to Enhance Accountability and Transparency in Emergencies: Guinea report”, is based on in-depth interviews, and consultations of communities and aid organisations to identify risks of corruption during the response to the Ebola crisis. It includes a series of recommendations on ways to reduce these risks in the future. This work is part of a broader study on these issues including case studies in Somalia, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

The findings of this study were presented to the public at a conference in Conakry on 30 March 2017.

This conference, which was held under the auspices of the Guinean Economic and Social Commission, highlighted how important the issue of aid integrity is, not only for international organisations and donors, but also for the country, its government and its civil society.

Read more about the project in general: http://www.urd.org/Enhancing-the-integrity-of,2527

For more information about the conference and the publication of the report, see the press release: http://www.transparency.org/news/pressrelease/ebola_crisis_how_to_improve_the_integrity_of_responses_to_public_health_eme

Read the report: http://www.urd.org/IMG/pdf/2017_CREATE_Guinea_EN.pdf