Funded by

European Commission (DG ECHO)

This project has been based on country case studies and comparative analysis in fragile contexts, such as complex emergencies where there is reduced humanitarian space (e.g. Somalia and Afghanistan), countries affected by the mass influx of refugees (Lebanon), or large-scale health crises (Ebola region). Groupe URD was in charge of the case studies in Lebanon and Guinea.

The objective of the project was to exchange good practices, draw lessons from fragile contexts, establish dialogue about these sensitive issues, and make recommendations to enhance the integrity of humanitarian operations via multi-actor commitment at the national, regional and global levels.

Following the case studies, workshops were held in most of the countries concerned to discuss the results of the study with stakeholders and interested persons.

Carried out by

François Grünewald

Director of Strategic Foresight (employed since 2009)

Samantha Brangeon

Référente du volet "Environnement" (since 2015)

Nawal Karroum

Junior expert (2015-17)