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The French NGO, MADERA, is currently involved in a project called the Perennial Horticulture Development Project (PHDP) in the provinces of Kunar and Laghman.

In order to assess the horticultural sector in greater detail, MADERA asked Groupe URD to carry out a study of the needs and expectations of horticulturalists interested in the creation of agricultural groups (8 districts in 2 provinces).

This project was unusual in that it combined technical data and other information which was more to do with the practices and perceptions of the horticulturalists (social approach).

The study involved the collection of data related to commercial fruit production and the analysis of problems the horticulturalists face, existing coordination mechanisms and their views about taking part in the PHD project.

Carried out by

Johan Pasquet

Food Security Specialist (2005-09)