Funded by

World Food Program (WFP)

This evaluation took place as the country was returning to peace and stability thus favouring the return and reintegration of refugees who fled to neighbouring countries during the post-electoral crisis of 2010. It covered the period between January 2013 and March 2017 and evaluated the impact of the IPSR programme on the target population.

The IPSR was designed in response to the effects of the post-electoral crisis that led to mass internal and external displacement. It aimed to provide assistance and contribute to the recovery of more than 254 000 people in Côte d’Ivoire, including repatriated people, the displaced and other vulnerable groups. In particular, it aimed to strengthen the livelihoods and food and nutritional security of communities and families affected by the crisis.

Carried out by

Bonaventure Sokpoh

Researcher, evaluator and trainer (2001-18)