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Action Against Hunger

An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was carried out for ACF Zimbabwe in the district of Umzingwane to analyse the positive and negative impacts of current programmes on the local environment (natural and social), to help them improve the way the environment is taken into account in their work.

The evaluation lasted 17 days and included interviews in the capital and in Bulawayo, as well as numerous visits, discussion groups and meetings with beneficiaries and local actors.

This evaluation was commissioned by the Canadian International Development Agency, which provides ACF with funding for WASH activities in the district. The impact of food security projects run by ACF was also assessed.

Réseau environnement humanitaire (REH)

Adopting an environmental approach for humanitarian action

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Carried out by

Julie Patinet

WASH Referent (2008-16)

Blanche Renaudin

Researcher, evaluator and trainer (environment, 2010-15)