Funded by

German International Development Cooperation Agency (GTZ)

The Project for Alternative Livelihoods (PAL) was set up by GTZ in Jalalabad. Its objective was to reduce poverty and facilitate the transition from an economy based on the production of opium to one based on alternatives.
_ A specific monitoring and evaluation unit was set up to monitor the progress of the different parts of the project.

GTZ asked Groupe URD to carry out an evaluation of this unit, with the following objectives:

-* To identify the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system
-* To draw up indicators to monitor the quality of projects
-* To make recommendations for changes to make the system more consistent and effective.

Interviews were carried out in the provinces of Nangahar, Laghman and Kunar.

The project report is not available to the public.

Carried out by

Hugues Maury
Hugues Maury

Health Expert (consultant)

Karla Levy

Quality Advisor (2002-08)

Olivier Sarrat

Researcher: Information Systems (2007-18)