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Action Against Hunger

The activities implemented concerned IDP camps and principally involved the emergency supply of water (purification stations, supplying water by tanker, “bladder” reservoirs and distribution ramps), emergency excreta management systems (pit toilets and portable toilets, with emptying systems) and hygiene promotion. In addition, ACF took over the Water Trucking programme from DINEPA in May 2010.

The evaluation involved a three-week field visit to Port-au-Prince in November and December 2010, with interviews, group discussions and site visits, and used the DAC-OECD criteria. ACF instigated this evaluation to learn lessons from the Haïti response to improve the quality of projects both in comparable emergencies in other countries and during the reconstruction phase in Haïti.

Carried out by

Julie Patinet

WASH Referent (2008-16)