Funded by

European Commission

Stabilising the Dynamic COMPAS software

The Dynamic COMPAS was developed between 2005 and 2006. As is the case for any new software, it then needed to be used by a large number of users to detect potential problems before it could be stabilised.

During the stabilisation phase, we:

  • Corrected the problems which were identified;
  • Developed an update mechanism;
  • Produced an improved user’s manual based on user feedback in French, English and Spanish.


Test cases

Training was provided to potential users of the Dynamic COMPAS in France, Spain, Afghanistan and Senegal. Feedback from users was pooled and analysed. Personalised support was also provided to two NGOs who decided to adopt the software at the institutional level.


Sharing results

Communication about using the COMPAS method and the Dynamic COMPAS software via:

  • The creation of an e-newsletter, Aiming for Quality, with information about new features, user feedback, mid-term results of pilot tests, etc.
  • The creation of a blog allowing users and other people interested in Quality Assurance to exchange ideas;
  • Participation in humanitarian sector conferences to provide updates about progress being made on pilot tests and to share initial lessons learned from the use of the Dynamic COMPAS.

Carried out by

Domitille Kauffmann

Researcher, evaluator and trainer (2005-12)

Clément Peyrel

Network Animator-Computer Scientist (2005-06)

Olivier Sarrat

Researcher: Information Systems (2007-18)