Funded by

Électriciens sans frontières (ESF)

Électriciens sans frontières has asked Groupe URD to develop a reference framework of good practices for projects which promote access to electricity in rural contexts in developing countries.

This reference framework helps to consolidate, complete and further develop the list of criteria for project eligibility used by Électriciens sans frontières’ Project Commission. Based on feedback, this reference framework helps future project leaders to become familiar with the eligibility criteria and apply them more effectively during the setting up and implementation of their projects.

It also allows Électriciens sans frontières’ partners – NGOs, businesses and donors – to understand better how projects are selected. Highlighting the application of good practices during the implementation of an access to electricity project could also be useful to Électriciens sans frontières’ partners when selecting projects.

Three distinct and complementary documents have been produced as part of this project:

  • A Quality reference framework which describes the quality criteria for projects which promote access to electricity. This document is a reference for setting up projects and project selection.
  • A series of tools have then been developed based on the reference framework, for different uses and different types of users:
    • A project selection grid: for each criterion from the reference framework, a number of questions and indicators allow projects to be judged and advice to be given by the committee to the organisation behind the project.
    • A guide to supporting and monitoring projects for project leaders. For the different phases of the project (from the proposal to implementation), questions and advice are given based on the reference framework. This guide should be simple and didactic.

The Groupe URD team conducted a meta-evaluation of evaluation documents and other methodological guidance documents, and will then hold an experience-sharing seminar with staff, before engaging in the final phase of analysis and document writing.

Carried out by

Julien Carlier

Quality & Accountability Advisor (2014-17)

Véronique de Geoffroy

Executive Director (employed since 1999)