Funded by

WFP’s Country Office in Mali

The overall objective of this study is to gather lessons and good practices from the ‘Sahel Shock Response’ in 2018. More broadly, the aim is to reinforce future responses and contribute to improving the implementation of crisis mitigation activities in WFP operations and the National Response Plan.

An overall analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the operation has been carried out, with a particular focus on scaling up, coordination and the choice of cash transfer methods.

The study has been carried out for the WFP’s Country Office in Mali and the sub-offices, for the state implementing partners, and particularly those directly involved in the National Response Plan, as well as the WFP’s Regional Bureau for West Africa. It involved a field visit to Mali to collect data, carry out interviews and run a lesson-sharing workshop in Bamako.

The methodology combined a literature review, individual and group interviews, the analysis of online questionnaires and face-to-face exchanges with beneficiaries – if the security conditions allow – with continual triangulation of the information collected.

Carried out by

Michael Carrier

Quality Referent (since 2017)