Funded by

The French Development Agency

As part of its reflection on operations in crisis and post-crisis situations – which later was broadened to incorporate fragile states and prevention – the French Development Agency (AFD) commissioned an evaluation of operational practices in 2005. The objective of this evaluation was to draw lessons from the strategies and projects which had been implemented in this type of situation in order to improve the relevance of operations.

The evaluation was carried out under a steering committee, and involved:
-* in-depth study of the AFD’s archives
-* numerous interviews with managers at AFD headquarters and throughout its international network
-* visits to several development agencies very involved in these issues and to five countries where the AFD is present.

Seven mission reports were produced : Cambodia (January 2006), the USA (February 2006), Chad (March 2006), the United Kingdom (March 2006), the Central African Republic (March 2006), Haiti (May 2006) and Guinea (December 2006).

Supervised by

François Grünewald

Director of Strategic Foresight (employed since 2009)

Carried out by

Bonaventure Sokpoh

Researcher, evaluator and trainer (2001-18)

Domitille Kauffmann

Researcher, evaluator and trainer (2005-12)