Funded by

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has commissioned Groupe URD to carry out a study on the funding of French humanitarian action. The aim of the study is to establish a clear definition of what constitutes humanitarian aid, to map tools and funding, and to develop a monitoring methodology and tool that can be used by all the relevant departments. It helps to improve the internal effectiveness and transparency of the French system, and the monitoring of France’s international commitments in terms of humanitarian action. It is also be relevant to current discussions regarding the new humanitarian strategy (2018-2022).

In connection with this study, Groupe URD coordinated the working group that has been preparing a round table that was hold at the 4th French National Humanitarian Conference on 22 March 2018: “Humanitarian funding: reforms, innovations, accountability”.

Carried out by

Véronique de Geoffroy

Executive Director (employed since 1999)

François Grünewald

Director of Strategic Foresight (employed since 2009)