Funded by

European Commission

In keeping with Groupe URD’s mandate and its methodological approach based on the learning cycle, this project included research, evaluation and training activities. Experiences were shared and analysed with the aim of improving the quality of service delivered to the Afghan population.

Working in close cooperation with Afghan NGOs, French and international NGOs present in Afghanistan, Afghan ministries, United Nations agencies, donors, etc. the KAIFIAT project focused on:

  • Strengthening the capacity of actors to analyse, design, implement and monitor project;
  • Collective learning via the sharing of experiences, good practices and knowledge management.

Activities carried out as part of this project:

Carried out by

Claire Mariani

Project Coordinator in Afghanistan (2007-2008)

Peggy Pascal

Coordinator in Afghanistan (2004-08)

Karla Levy

Quality Advisor (2002-08)