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Reaching Resilience
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Quality & Accountability COMPASS – How can we meet the needs of communities and people affected by crises in a responsible manner?

The COMPASS is a project steering method for humanitarian and development projects. It aims to help organisations implement high quality, accountable projects that benefit communities and people affected by a crisis. It was developed by Groupe URD to: give meaning to project steering activities; put quality and accountability into practice in the field; and reinforce the coherence, complementarity and coordination [...]

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International Day for Disaster Reduction


The French NGO network on the disaster risk management underlines the importance of this international day of the reduction of the risks. With the current climate change and the densification of the populations in high-risk areas, in the North as in the South, this question concerns us all.

Presentation of the Djibouti Zero Hunger Strategic Review, 16 October 2018, Paris


What can be done to ensure that all the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contribute to achieving SDG 2 on Zero Hunger? WFP and Groupe URD invite you to a presentation of the results of this Review on World Food Day, 16 October 2018, at UNESCO.

Launch of the evaluation of the AMMi project on migration flows in Eastern Africa


Groupe URD is evaluating the AMMI project (Addressing Mixed Migration Flows in Eastern Africa) for Expertise France (EF).

Where have we got to with accountability? Review of theory and practice in crisis contexts


Groupe URD is involved in setting up a community of practice made up of around ten Francophone NGOs committed to making progress in terms of accountability towards people affected by crises. The group shares experiences and ideas about accountability mechanisms that are applied in the field, with the aim of improving operations.

Training course: “Monitoring and evaluating the quality of a humanitarian project”, 12-16 November in Dakar, in partnership with Institut Bioforce


Defining the key concepts related to project quality, monitoring and evaluation. Developing a monitoring and steering mechanism based on a project action plan. Organising and/or participating in an evaluation process. Acquiring the appropriate tools and methods and [...]

Earthquake and tsunami on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia.


Once again, the fault system on which the Indonesian archipelago was formed has moved. An earthquake, followed by a tsunami, have devastated the coast of the island of Sulawesi. The lessons learned from our evaluations of similar events, such as the 2004 tsunami in South East Asia, and the earthquakes in Haiti and in Nepal, are available for consultation.