This conference is part of a broader applied research project on the combined issues of contract farming, the rebuilding of social relations and resilience to security shocks.

The debates will refer to two case studies:

  1. The example of Northern Cameroon
    This will look at the humanitarian situation, population displacement, the impact of the crisis on agrarian geography (access to fields, choice of crops) and the reorganisation of production systems.
  2. The example of the Central African Republic (CAR)
    This will look at whether the restoration of agricultural markets can contribute to the recovery and will assess what the local authorities, international partners and humanitarian actors are doing to this end. The discussions will cover examples of integrated sectors in CAR which are in great difficulty because of the crisis, and the models that have been put in place to support the production of corn and coffee.

The debates will then focus on lessons learned at the international level concerning the role of agriculture in conflict resolution, and possible lessons for CAR. Several cross-cutting themes and normative approaches will also be debated, as well as questions related to aid coordination and prospects for CAR.

This event follows on from the symposium, ‘Agricultural development in the Central African Republic’ held at the French Alliance in Bangui on 28 February and 1 March 2018.

Location: Alliance française de Bangui Organisation : Alliance française de Bangui, Université de Bangui, CEMAC and Groupe URD