With Nepal gradually recovering after the earthquake of 2015, there is a great deal of interaction between the economic and agricultural sectors, on the one hand, and the housing reconstruction sector, on the other. The capacity to self-finance part of the reconstruction is essential to be able to take the anti-seismic standards imposed by the government into account. A field visit, followed by a conference with the Fondation de France’s Nepali partners, will be an opportunity to pursue the collective learning process that was begun immediately after the earthquakes in April-May 2015.

The links between economic capacity and post-disaster reconstruction are beginning to be better understood. The lesson learning exercise that Groupe URD began in 2016 for the Fondation de France has contributed to this understanding, and will help to orient the future responses of the FdF in similar situations. This is the latest episode in a dialogue that has been going on between the two institutions since Hurricane Mitch exactly 20 years ago.