The workshop looked at the issues of access and security as well as the relations between international NGOs, the MINUSCA, national institutions and armed groups. The role of donors, and the wider international community, in relation to International Humanitarian Law, was reiterated, even though certain conflicts, such as those opposing farmers and herders, or different groups of herders, do not fall within the domain of IHL. The importance of having programmes and funding mechanisms that are flexible and agile was also underlined. It is essential to be able to mobilise funding rapidly and to take action over time in order to accompany complex crisis processes and help find a crisis resolution. Innovations like the Fonds Békou are therefore extremely useful. The workshop showed that NGOs in Bangui are capable of introspection: the words that stood out during the debates were “respect”, “knowledge”, “agility”, “negotiation”, “flexibility” and “dialogue”.