Funded by

USAID, Irish Aid & UKAID

“Community-based approach” is a term which is widely used by humanitarian and development organizations in Haiti, but this concept includes a variety of very different realities depending on the implementing organisation, and even more so, on the perception of the population itself. In order to deal more effectively with questions of community participation at the different phases of the project cycle it is necessary to define what a community-based approach means in Haiti and study in greater detail what this concept really refers to in an urban environment.

As part of the activities of its Haiti Observatory, Groupe URD conducted a project involving operational research and the development of tools which aimed to:

  • Study programmes involving a community-based approach;
  • Look in greater detail at the issues related to community-based approaches in urban contexts in Haiti;
  • Make recommendations for a contextualized methodology.

Carried out by

Alice Corbet