Funded by

Handicap International

Commissioned by

Samantha Brangeon

Organized on 28 November 2016 in Lyon and 13 February 2017 in Brussels, these two training sessions were initiated at the request of HI staff and follow the creation of “green teams”, whose purpose is to reflect on these issues within the NGO.

These training sessions mainly targeted logistics and technical managers as well as administrative and financial departments and enabled them to initiate a collective reflection on the possible changes to be implemented within their team.

These training sessions offered employees:

  • New perspectives, new examples and more information on the main trends in the sector, enabling them to understand the links between humanitarian aid and the environment.
  • The means of analysing the environmental issues and impacts of any humanitarian project, particularly through the prism of the different professions present in the field.
  • Elements of reflection and understanding in order to feed the internal debate at HI on improving, or even systematizing, the integration of environmental issues into the NGO’s actions.