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Agence française de développement, Fondation de France & Principauté de Monaco

Despite the fact that the current environmental and climatic emergency is particularly pressing in countries where there are humanitarian crises, French humanitarian organisations have not generally been very proactive on these issues. Humanité & Inclusion (HI) has been a notable exception and has implemented a number of initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental footprint, both at headquarters and in the field over the last few years, despite an internal restructuring process. Through these changes, HI aims to promote greener practices, and serve as an example for other organisations in the field.

This study has two objectives. For the French humanitarian sector, the aim will be to highlight HI’s experience as an example for other international aid organisations interested in this subject. For HI, the aim is to promote individual initiatives and learn lessons for future actions.

Carried out by

Samantha Brangeon

Référente du volet "Environnement" (since 2015)