Funded by

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

The evaluation was carried out by a Groupe URD evaluator and a Chadian expert in financial audits, from 19 to 30 June, 2011, in N’Djamena and in the region of Batha.

It involved:

-* An organizational assessment to improve ADRB’s potential for autonomy. This involved analyzing the strategic, financial, human and functional capacities of the local association in order to ensure that it had the necessary capacity to define and implement relevant development programmes in a reliable, autonomous and professional way.

-* An assessment of the implementation of ADRB’s current programme. The evaluation looked at the management, implementation and monitoring of the programme to evaluate the degree to which it had achieved its objectives and optimized use of resources and how it had been received by beneficiaries and local partners. This was done with a view to reinforcing the viability, sustainability and relevance of ADRB’s programme.

Carried out by

Blanche Renaudin

Researcher, evaluator and trainer (environment, 2010-15)