Funded by

The French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

Four Groupe URD evaluators looked at how French public and private funds destined for post-tsunami rehabilitation and reconstruction had been used in sectors such as health, shelter, water and sanitation and economic recovery. The evaluation was carried out in Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India and involved all the relevant aid actors (local and international NGOs, institutional actors, United Nations agencies, etc.).

The evaluation analysed the relevance of this innovative mechanism and the quality of programmes that were funded through it, at different stages (shortly after the disaster, mid-term and at the closure of the projects).

Supervised by

François Grünewald

Director of Strategic Foresight (employed since 2009)

Carried out by

Hugues Maury
Hugues Maury

Health Expert (consultant)

Béatrice Boyer

Housing and Urban Specialist (2005-15)

Peggy Pascal

Coordinator in Afghanistan (2004-08)