Funded by

The Ministry of Solidarity, Health and Family

Created as an independent alternative to adoption, the “Collectif Asie Enfants Isolés” helped to finance 30 projects by 15 French associations in Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India.

The aim of the evaluation was to analyse the workings of the collective and learn from the experience in case a similar mechanism was set up again in the future.

Projects were visited and analysed in the field in India and Sri Lanka and all the NGOs involved contributed to the evaluation in France.

It was interesting to evaluate this group created in response to the Tsunami crisis, because it followed on from the work that Groupe URD had carried out following the disaster, such as the evaluation of the French Post-Tsunami Inter-ministerial Delegation.

Carried out by

Béatrice Boyer

Housing and Urban Specialist (2005-15)

Pierre Bastid

Quality Advisor (2008-09)