Funded by

Luxembourg Red Cross

This project, which began in 2010, aimed to improve primary and preventive healthcare in the priority area of Gressier through the establishment of all the necessary services. The implementation of the project came up against considerable constraints and challenges due to exceptionally difficult conditions. The managers and operators of the programme had to show considerable
adaptability in order to achieve the objectives, which were revised in 2012.

Due to its proximity to the epicenter of the earthquake, Gressier was one of the most affected communes in the country. The health system in the area had difficulty meeting needs due to the scale of the disaster and structural problems from before the crisis. According to certain estimates, 50% of hospitals and medical bodies were damaged or destroyed. The programme in support of the health sector in Gressier by the Luxemburg Red Cross aimed primarily to strengthen public health bodies in the area.

Groupe URD’s evaluation was an opportunity to conduct a general review of the objectives and activities of the project, and to evaluate the results based on 7 criteria (coherence/appropriateness, efficiency, effectiveness, viability/sustainability, connectivity, flexibility and integration in the environment). The evaluation provided a form of accountability towards the main donor and the people of Luxemburg. It also provided lessons about the 4-year programme which will help guide the Luxemburg Red Cross for future programmes.

Carried out by

Isabelle Fortin

Coordinator in Haïti