Funded by

The British Department for International Developement (DFID)

On the basis of the information gathered and discussions in the field, at the same time Groupe URD carried out a real-time review. This consisted of strategic and operational analysis which would allow operations to be re-orientated, if need be. The sharing of analyses and information about similar contexts encouraged reflection about exit and transition strategies.

In contrast to classic “internal control” exercises, this type of (external) approach allows operational teams to take a step back from the implementation of their activities. This includes continuous discussion with field teams, as well as mini-seminars to provide feedback and debate findings. In this way, the main constraints, themes and preoccupations are identified more effectively, and the headquarters of organisations are encouraged to provide appropriate responses. These mini-seminars increase the potential for creativity and the identification of original solutions.
At the end of each field trip, the results are also presented to the different people concerned (operational staff, headquarters staff and donors), thus contributing to the institutional learning process.

Carried out by

François Grünewald

Executive and Scientific Director (since 2009)

Valérie Léon

Trainer, researcher and evaluator (since 2012)

Johanna Baché

Researcher, evaluator and trainer (since 2013)

Bonaventure Sokpoh

Researcher, evaluator and trainer (2001-18)