Funded by

The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development

Groupe URD was chosen by the Afghan Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) to carry out an evaluation of one of the flagship programmes of the reconstruction process in the country, the National Solidarity Program (NSP), for which the World Bank was the main donor.

This programme, which aims to strengthen communities throughout the country, is implemented by around thirty international and Afghan NGOs under the tutelage of the MRRD. It has been widely criticised because of its complexity and lack of flexibility and for not being adapted to Afghan realities.

The MRRD decided to adopt a quality approach to oversee the programme more effectively. It asked Groupe URD to evaluate the three levels at which the monitoring and evaluation system operated. The evaluation involved stakeholders in Kabul, regional offices, facilitating partners and communities.

The objective of the evaluation was to identify malfunctioning in order to make recommendations and, in the longer term, to establish a new monitoring tool based on the Quality COMPAS.

Carried out by

Karla Levy

Quality Advisor (2002-08)

Hugues Maury
Hugues Maury

Health Expert (consultant)