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French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE)

Due to the way humanitarian crises are evolving, humanitarian needs have continued to grow and become more complex. The multi-dimensional character of contexts, combining economic and environmental factors, political issues and security risks, as well as the multiplication and extension of crises, have forced the state to rethink its humanitarian strategy and the resources that it dedicates to it. France’s humanitarian strategy 2018-2022 has three main areas:

  • Increasing resources and improving how they are used;
  • Making humanitarian action part of the sustainable management of crises;
  • Reinforcing respect for International Humanitarian Law in international bodies, in bilateral relations and in the field.

To meet these objectives, 15 commitments were made. Read more:

In keeping with the 2012-2017 strategy, the new strategy includes a mid-term evaluation. Having been in charge of the previous one in 2015, we have again been selected by the Ministry for European and Foreign Affairs to carry out this study in conjunction with the Humanitarian Concertation Group.

The aim of the mid-term review is to document the level of implementation of the strategy, analyse the results that have already been obtained and the difficulties encountered, and identify any emerging issues.

The study will include the following:

  • Interviews with key stakeholders (state representatives, operational actors, elected representatives, etc.);
  • An online questionnaire filled in by the actors involved in applying the strategy;
  • Analysis of documents related to the implementation of the strategy.