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European Commission

In order to be accountable to disaster victims and European taxpayers, and achieve a high level of performace through greater effectiveness and efficiency, DG ECHO is aiming to improve understanding of its rules, procedures and sectoral policies among its partners and staff.

The broad, two-year training project launched by the consortium, which can be renewed twice, focuses on two main areas:

  • The administrative and management procedures of DG ECHO’s Framework Partnership Agreement and its Financial and Administrative Framework Agreement (FAFA) for UN agencies.
  • DG ECHO’s sector-based policies (in WaSH, Protection, Shelter and Housing, Food Aid, etc.) and best practice for the implementation of humanitarian aid projects.

This project complements the work of the INSPIRE Consortium through which Groupe URD and its partners contribute to the elaboration and dissemination of the sector-based policies that will be the object of these training courses. It will allow Groupe URD to provide genuine added value and expertise by being involved at different levels of reflection on the sector-based humanitarian policies of the European Union, the world’s biggest humanitarian donor.

Supervised by

A. Lear
Anna Lear

Training Coordinator (since 2012)