Funded by

World food program (WFP)

The objective is to establish a calculation method in a consensual manner that will allow each organisation to justify and define the amounts of their cash transfer operations based on the specific characteristics of the local context.

At a later stage, this tool could potentially be integrated into ongoing projects involving seasonal social safety nets or social security systems (medium term).

The focus is placed on joint construction, in close collaboration with a working group made up of the main organisations (WFP, NGO partners of the KEY programme and Malian state bodies).

This support concerns not only the members of the KEY consortium, but also all organisations involved in Cash Transfer programmes in Mali, including major players such as WFP and the national social safety-net programme (Jigisemejiri, funded by the World Bank). It began in June 2019 with a launch workshop in Bamako to consult the partners and select the working group.

This project is being carried out in collaboration with the CalP for the technical aspects.

Carried out by

Michael Carrier

Quality Referent (since 2017)