Funded by

Électriciens sans Frontières, Agence Française de Développement, Coopération monégasque & Fondation de France

Due to climate change and growing awareness within the sector of environmental issues, French NGOs are increasingly interested in adopting solar energy in their projects and internal functioning. However, organisations do not always have the necessary technical expertise. Groupe URD has therefore decided to study the work of an organisation that specializes in this sector, Électriciens Sans Frontières, (ESF).

The study will aim to highlight lessons from ESF’s work on solar installations which will be of use to the organisation itself as well as the members of the Humanitarian Environment Network and the humanitarian sector in general. This will concern technical and methodological aspects, as well as socio-economic aspects related to the appropriation and maintenance of the installations.

ESF has been working in Senegal for more than 10 years, and therefore has enough experience to learn objective lessons. The projects they have carried out are very varied, involving solar installations in health centres, schools, mills, etc. As a result, specific analysis is possible for each operational sector.

Carried out by

C. Heward
Charlotte Heward

Projects and partnership associate (since 2014)

Samantha Brangeon

Référente du volet "Environnement" (since 2015)