Funded by

French Development Agency (Mali)

The analysis also pays particular attention to the dimension and lines of inter- and intra-community cleavage as well as possible mechanisms for conflict prevention and management.

Understanding in order to act on agro-ecological, socio-cultural and political issues is essential. But this need for understanding is even more necessary when the context is changing, uncertain, difficult to identify and potentially dangerous.

It is therefore necessary to provide keys to understanding Gourma in order to allow to:

  • Have an analysis on the specificities, potentialities and socio-economic and governance constraints of a geographical area characterized by an agro-pastoral terroir rather than by an administrative or human identity, which is of growing interest;
  • Reflect on possible risks and scenarios in a context where local specificities and global issues are in constant interaction;
  • Reflect and propose recommendations on the axes and modalities of interventions.
  • Bring together elements of knowledge and analysis, but also scripting and operational thinking skills, to give AFD the keys to programming its commitments in Gourma.

Carried out by

François Grünewald

Executive and Scientific Director (since 2009)