Funded by

Agence française de Développement (AFD) et DEVCO (UE)

The project, “Vil Nou Pi Bèl – for an inclusive, sustainable and resilient city to cope with natural disasters” involves a number of different activities carried out over a period of 3 years.  Groupe URD is in charge of knowledge management and will be carrying out iterative evaluations with feedback sessions, studies, experience sharing workshops and conferences, both in France and in Haiti

The project will aim to: reinforce local governance, encourage a participatory and inclusive approach to Disaster Risk Management (DRM) and regional development; improve housing, services and facilities in the city; and boost the local economy.

Jérémie’s geographical position in the Caribbean Basin makes it extremely vulnerable to natural hazards (earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and torrential rain causing floods and landslides). Lack of environmental management increases the impact of climatic phenomena. Chronic poverty, made worse by frequent disasters, prevents the poorest people from developing a minimal level of resilience to protect them from harm and improve their economic and social situation. There is also insufficient urban planning in Jérémie and territorial management is not appropriate given the current level of population growth. These issues will make Jérémie a very interesting case study.

Having previously conducted a number of evaluations in this region, Groupe URD is very familiar with the area and the challenges affecting resilience.

This project/programme is co-financed by the French Development Agency.


Carried out by

Valérie Léon

Trainer, researcher and evaluator (since 2012)