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Middle Africa

Groupe URD’s projects related to this geographical area since 2012:

Research (4)

Evaluation (1)

Methodology (7)


Articles related to this geographical area in "Humanitarian Aid on the move":

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Study of humanitarian response for IDPs, in French, December 2017, IIED-Groupe URD
More than the Money – Localisation in practice, Final report, July 2017, in English
Environmental impact of forced migration, Synthesis report, August 2017
Bangui : l’urbain absent de la réponse à la crise, Bulletin Villes en développement n°105, Anne Burlat, janvier 2017
Study of a programme on social water management in the Central African Republic, February 2015, for SOLIDARITES INTERNATIONAL, in French
Key messages EcoSan, Chad, 2009-2013, in French
Humanitarian Aid on the move #10, special issue: Sahel
Videos of the conference "Food crisis in the Sahelian strip", 21 March 2012, N’Djamena (in French)
, 2009, in French
LRRD in Chad, 2009, project "raising the bar"
La machette, la vache et le rugo : ruralité et génocide au Rwanda, François Grünewald, Humanitaire "Le génocide des tutsis : une abjection pour l’Humanité, un échec pour les humanitaires", printemps/été 2004, n° 10, pp.116-123