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Groupe URD and Rhône-Alpes Region

Groupe URD is a member of the Training and Capacity-building for Development Organisations network which was set up by Rhône-Alpes Regional Council in September 2012. A directory of training courses on local development and international aid in Rhône-Alpes has been created and will be officially published at the 5th Assises de la cooperation solidaire en Rhône-Alpes which will take place on 27 June in Annemasse and on 28 June in Lyon. Working groups have been set up to prepare this event. Groupe URD has contributed to this in connection with our participation in the training network. We will also be co-facilitating the workshop on 28 June: "Agir en contexte de crise".

This event will focus specifically on key issues concerning cooperation programmes funded by regional councils and the roles of local actors in Rhône Alpes and their international partners.

The event aims to:

  • review the current state of international aid programmes;
  • promote the region’s programmes and organisations, bring them together and establish links with local actors and issues at the international level;
  • help to improve practices and target public policies to be provided with support in partner territories.

Groupe URD also took part in the 3rd Rencontre bi-départementale des associations de solidarité internationale on 12 June, which was facilitated by RESACOOP – Réseau Rhône Alpes d’Appui à la Coopération. This event took part in Valence on the theme “Aid and rural development – what has changed?”.