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Review of Groupe URD’s 20th anniversary year and prospects for 2014

Groupe URD’s 20th anniversary year, a year which was rich in exchanges and field work, has just come to an end. It was an opportunity for us to take stock of how far we have come and the challenges that lay ahead, and to exchange views with our partners during our anniversary celebrations. Throughout the year, from the “National Conference on Science, Policy and the Environment” in Washington in January to the “Humanitarian Symposium 2013” organised by OCHA in December, we took part in numerous initiatives and international projects on future prospects and challenges for the humanitarian sector. Our position as a humanitarian sector think tank has clearly been confirmed. We also worked on subjects we have been involved in for a long time, such as resilience, notably in connection with a major project for the IASC, as well as the environment, urban issues and quality and certification. We conducted field visits in numerous crisis contexts, such as after cyclone Haiyan in the Philippines and soon after the crises broke out in Mali, CAR and Sudan. In January, Groupe URD will be present in Mali and CAR, providing support to aid organizations in two of our oldest areas of expertise: LRRD and humanitarian space.