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Created in 2008, the Humanitarian Aid on the Move review is a biannual review published by Groupe URD to exchange experiences and ideas between practitioners of different nationalities and cultures. It is available in French and in English (and was available in Spanish until 2011) and in two formats: a downloadable version and an electronic version that can be consulted online, and sent by email. Each issue includes articles based on Groupe URD’s activities and articles by authors from a variety of backgrounds.  

Humanitarian Aid on the Move has three main sections:

  • Humanitarian space – to analyse questions of access and the structure of the international aid system from a legal, institutional and political angle.
  • Crises and vulnerabilities – to increase understanding of operational contexts, types of crisis and the specific vulnerabilities of population groups.
  • Quality of aid – to question humanitarian practices and investigate the tools and methods developed to improve their quality.

The “Point of View” section is an opinion piece on a specific subject, often linked to current affairs.

The “Bibliography” section provides a series of references to explore specific subjects in greater depth.

Lastly, the “News” section presents training courses and events organised by Groupe URD, and news from the sector that we feel is important to share.

An Editorial Board guarantees that this editorial line is respected. If you would like to write an article for the review, you can send a summary for the Board to consider.

Your proposal should respect certain conditions: the subject should be related to crisis response (humanitarian aid, post-crisis reconstruction, crisis and natural disaster prevention, LRRD). The article should be about an innovative experience or should analyse the sector. It should not promote a programme or an organization, but rather should aim to share experiences and lessons learned in the field.

The opinions expressed in the review are those of the authors alone.

Numéro ISSN: 2261 – 7124.

Would you like to publish an article? Contact Pierre Brunet.

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