Training is one of the pillars of the learning process proposed by Groupe URD, and as such one of the activities carried out by the thematic focal points in conjunction with the others. Training is closely linked to evaluations and organizational support projects, which it complements and supports, for example. Groupe URD’s training courses are designed for professionals in the sector and can take different forms depending on their needs and expectations.

PRESENTAL TRAINING: Short courses in France and abroad

Several face-to-face training sessions are organised by Groupe URD on topics such as project evaluation, quality of aid, participation of the population, etc.

These trainings are organized around:

  • Theoretical time (presenting, explaining, understanding concepts);
  • Case studies and specific exercises in sub-groups (sharing and applying);
  • Workshops and tool application work (confronting, challenging);
  • Collective time (reflecting, analyzing, sharing, capitalizing, working together).

Thematic modules

Groupe URD offers training courses in some of its fields of expertise, which may concern specific sectors of activity, transversal themes or methodological approaches.

Tailor-made training courses

Based on Groupe URD’s in-depth knowledge of the humanitarian system and its components, these courses offer content adapted to the challenges and specificities of any organisation (functioning, theory of change, etc.). They can be done in the field and/or at the NGO headquarters, and are prepared according to the expectations and needs of the sponsor.

Here are some examples of tailor-made training courses, but do not hesitate to contact us in order to study your request:


Tools or methodological guides that can be useful for training are available to the public:

Groupe URD can also provide training on request in university and specialised school curricula. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.

For more information, contact: Anna Lear